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L'Argent...toujours l'argent! (1,632.86 kb)
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Vroum (1,629.29 kb)
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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: empreintes DIGITALes

"If there is a disruptive element in every search for harmony it is bruit - noise: innocuous noise, bothersome noise, undesirable and pointless noise, the noise that, continually brings us back to the transience of the passing moment.

Noise is the child of chaos. It confronts us daily and can come to symbolize all that is accidental in life....

...The pieces presented here are the summation of years of work. In them, I have explored the dense forests of object-noises that scratch and squeal, much like graffiti cover walls that are often just too clean."

Marc Tremblay, Matane, December 1999

1. Vroum

2. Conte sous la lune

3. Résidus (clip dadaiste)

4. Cowboy Fiction

5. «...ceci est un message enregistré...»

6. L'Argent...toujours l'argent!

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