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Daniel Janke: Biography

Daniel Janke
1957 -
Region: British Columbia

Daniel Janke

Daniel Janke is a Canadian composer and media artist. He is based out of his studio near Whitehorse, Yukon and often works in Montréal, Québec.

Recent recording releases include Celestial Blue (2016, Centrediscs, with violinist Mark Fewer); Winter Trio (2015); and Cinco Puntos Cardinales (2012, Centrediscs, featuring Coro in Limine).

Recent commissions include: Border Crossing (Fifth Wind, 2018); Snow Falls Eventually (NAC Orchestra touring ensemble, 2017); Small Song for Orchestra (Toronto Symphony Orchestra, 2017); String Quartet No. 1 (Penderecki String Quartet). Daniel's multi-media stage production The Grubstake Remix has toured Canada, and was recently presented at the Babylon Theatre in Berlin, Germany. His short film How People Got Fire (NFB, 2009) has received numerous awards, and screened internationally.

Film scores by Daniel Janke include: Mountain of Sgaana (NFB, dir. Chris Auchter. 2017); Subconscious Password (NFB, dir. Chris Landreth, short-listed for a 2014 Oscar Award in animation); and Touch (Da Da Kamera, Rebel Films, dir. Jeremy Podeswa, 2001).

Daniel has recorded with numerous artists including Bruce Cockburn, Breakfast In New Orleans (Ryko, 1999). His celebrated 1995 release In A Room featured an array of Canadian jazz and world music musicians.

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