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Marie Pelletier: Biography

Marie Pelletier
1959 -
Region: Québec

Marie Pelletier

Composer and librettist, Marie Pelletier has composed since 1984 over sixty musical works. A graduate of the University of Montreal (Bachelor of composition with Serge Garant and Master of theory and composition with Massimo Rossi), she possesses the ability of both musical composition and drama.

Most of her works have been heard either on the radio or during concert-performances not only in Canada but also abroad: United-States, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, China, etc.

For over fifteen years, Marie Pelletier has been interested in music from above and beyond Western culture. This research has influenced her writing which in essence integrates Indian and oriental compositional techniques.

The human voice is her instrument of choice, she has written over 1/3 of her repertoire for the not so widely used form of musical theatre. This has inspired a critic to write: ...supreme mastery of vocal writing; all of the styles are solicited, form Arabian chants to Tibetan incantations, from Gregorian to Stimmung aesthetic, from baroque ornamental style to an outpouring of European romanticism, nothing has been forgotten. (François Tousignant, Le Devoir, Tuesday November 19, 1996).

In 1994, she won the Ernest Bloch Competition in Lugano (Switzerland) with her work for string orchestra Han No 12 inspired by a traditional Chinese love song.

In 1995, she composed and premiered Bonheur Total, music for the play of the same name by Quebec author Victor-Lévy Beaulieu.

In 2000, her work Y was performed on the site of the Montreal’s Saint Joseph Oratory as part of the Symphonie du millénaire (a collective work for nineteen composers, 333 performers, 2000 hand bell ringers, 15 sets of church bells, one grand organ, 56 bell carillon and two fire engines).

In May 1995, Marie Pelletier founded the group Compositeurs Dépendants Polyvalents (C.D.P.) whose mandate is to “rally composers in a respectful spiritual collegiality, in other words, amicable”.

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