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Roberta Stephen: Biography

Roberta Stephen
1931 -
Region: Prairie

Roberta Stephen

The Canadian Music Centre celebrated the career of Roberta Stephen as a composer, singer, teacher and prime organizer in the field of music in Calgary. Born April 17, 1931, she received her Master's degree from the University of North Texas and works as a teacher of singing, vocal pedagogy, composition, and advanced theoretical subjects. For over twenty years, she has been the mainstay of Alberta Keys Music Publishing Co. Ltd. and has published dozens of works by her fellow Canadian composers. Her wide repertoire of compositions includes works for various combinations of instruments as well as solo piano, vocal, choral and chamber music. She is currently President of New Works Calgary.

She received the Recognition Award from the Alberta Registered Music Teachers‚ Association in 1997 for her work as a private music teacher.

The main examining boards in Canada and Contemporary Showcase continue to use her pedagogical works in their piano and vocal syllabi.

Recent performances of her works were in New York City, The Eye of the Seasons, Prelude for solo clarinet for Guido Arbonelli‚s recital in Calgary.



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