SALT New Music Symposium & Festival 2013 Open Space & University of Victoria

May 15, 2013
British Columbia

The SALT New Music Festival and Symposium is a one week event occurring from May 25th to June 2nd, 2013, at Open Space and at the University of Victoria School of Music in Victoria, BC, Canada. The event is created, organized and hosted by the Tsilumos Ensemble, a quartet of musicians comprising Daniel Peter Biro (Guitar), Joanna Hood (Viola), Ajtony Csaba (Piano, Harpsichord and Conductor) and Kristofer Covlin (Saxophones). The festival integrates local and international performers to present performances of groundbreaking new music to Victoria audiences.

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April 11 2013 Centrepulse: Your Canadian Music Concert Connection

April 24, 2013
British Columbia

Newsletter of the Canadian Music Centre, BC Region

Dear friends,

We are now accepting submissions for events featuring Canadian music happening in May, for a future edition of Centrepulse.

If you have an event you would like to see appear in Centrepulse, please send all details, as well as a brief description, to

April 11 2013 Centrepulse:

This newsletter includes:

SALT New Music Festival
Vancouver / South Coast Area Concerts

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March 28 2013 Centrepulse: CMC iPhone App Now Available!

April 8, 2013
British Columbia

CMC iPhone App Now Available!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Canadian Music Centre free iPhone application! The iPhone application allows users to search and display information for over 22,000 scores, listen to over 13,000 recorded performances, explore over 800 composers complete with biographies, a directory of streamable recordings and links to extended profiles on the CMC's new website - all completely free! You can also view the latest news from the CMC, and contact any of the CMC's regional offices across Canada with a single touch.

March 28 2013 Centrepulse:

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