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Saman Shahi: Biography

Saman Shahi
1987 -
Region: Ontario

Saman Shahi

Saman Shahi is an award-winning and published composer, pianist, conductor, and educator based in Toronto. He's active in classical, contemporary, Iranian traditional, rock and electronic music, and because of his activities in Canada and abroad he has become a sought-after performer and composer. Saman's compositions, including some of his short film scores, have been performed in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. As a pianist and conductor, Saman is an avid and active performer and advocate of new music in Toronto. Saman is a Affilliate Member of the Canadian League of Composers, Associate Composer at the Canadian Music Centre, and a SOCAN member. He is also a founder and executive director at Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto (ICOT), a 7-year-old art organization that bridges cultures through music and art. Saman is also an active member of the Circle Music Band, a rock fusion group in Toronto.


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