Canadian Voices: Music Shore to Shore

Saturday, February 22, 2014
Event Title: Canadian Voices: Music Shore to Shore

Vancouver Chamber Choir
Pacifica Singers
Jon Washburn and Kevin Zakresky, conductors

All abo-o-o-ard! Hop on the tour bus with the Vancouver Chamber Choir as we visit all the musical regions of Canada, singing some of the wonderful choral inventions of many Canadian composers. It’s a cornucopia of delights, as we sample the fruits of Canada’s masters - Henderson, Willan, Daunais, Somers, Eaton, Beckwith; the latest talented generation - Emery, Teehan, Martin; and savour the diversions of Canadian folklore. Jon Washburn and Vancouver Chamber Choir bring these Canadian voices to life and they’re joined in part by their associate ensemble, Pacifica Singers, with their conductor Kevin Zakresky.

Ruth Watson Henderson Gloria
Healey Willan Behold, the tabernacle of God
Lionel Daunais Mutation
Harry Somers God the master of this scene
Richard Eaton Vive la Canadienne!
John Beckwith Sharon Fragments
Matthew Emery Love, will we stay
Rob Teehan Hear my prayer, O Lord
Stephanie Martin Rise up, my love
Derek Healey Four Canadian Folksongs
Jean-François Sénart Un Canadien errant
Pascal Germain-Berardi O magnum mysterium
Pierick Houdy Communion
Timothy Corlis Sonnez les cloches!
Stephen Chatman Five British Columbian Folksongs