Difficulty with public realm true musicianship these days..

February 13, 2013

Hello. I am new here. I am a musician (not yet a professional one) who lives in Grand Valley, Ontario and works a day job in Guelph, Ontario.

For many years I sought good true musicianship in what you could call the public sector, among other wage-slaves who wanted to rise above the daily grind and seek opportunities in earning a living through the creation and/or performance of music in public venues. It is however a very rare thing.

Since those days I have changed my path in music. I've embraced a more ancient styled instrument and it's sounds. It is a Russian Gusli. I am a self-taught Guslar, as is apparently the appropriate path to becoming a Guslar from those I have spoken with via e-mail from overseas.

Upon embracing this path, I find it to be a very isolating and lonely path. There are precious few musicians in North America who appear familiar with such a style of instrument, let alone wish to play in accompaniment with a Guslar.

If I could have a wish in this life, it would be to be able to share and play music in Guelph, Ontario for my daily bread using my Gusli, my Kannel and soon my Kokle. It is a lofty goal and I do not know the path to such a goal.

I hope by meeting other musicians, I may discover the steps to such a path.

I have a few examples of some of my own music, available on-line:

Some samples of my music are available on-line at the following:





Thank you for allowing me to share and please have a wonderful, musical day!