Sound Symposium XVI

June 25, 2012

Running from July 2-10, the Sound Symposium XVI is coming back to St. John's for eight full days of new music, with many local Newfoundland artists participating.

The Sound Symposium festival is an international celebration of Sound, a place for the generation of new ideas and directions in music, visual and performance art. The Symposium occurs once every two years (in even-numbered years). It brings together artists, musicians, scientists, and others from all around the globe to Newfoundland where they collaborate with local artists on bold new projects, and to appreciate the joy and excitement of the creative process in action, and delight in the unique environment and culture of St. John's and the surrounding area.

All of the performances, exhibitions, workshops and events are open to the public.

Now in its 26th year, Sound Symposium is making a considerable contribution to the cultural community in Newfoundland and Labrador and has become known worldwide as a credible international music symposium known for its innovative and intriguing programming. Performances take place not only in concert halls, but on street corners, in basements, World War II bunkers, on hill sides, in the harbour, near the ocean, and sometimes in unexpected locations such as the Marine Institute's flume tank.

Throughout the city, the days and nights of each Sound Symposium are filled with extraordinary music, dance, theatre, gallery exhibitions, outdoor events, world premieres, contemporary music, electronic music, jazz, world music, drumming, improvisational music, percussion, rock, string quartets, Newfoundland traditional folk music, home-made and experimental instruments, sound inventions, interaction installations, voice experimentations, film, lectures, workshops, trail walks, special workshops and events for youth and children, whale and seabird tours, and Harbour Symphonies.

During the Sound Symposium, there will be premieres of compositions by local musicians in town like, Bill Brennan, Patrick Boyle, Brad and Rob Power.

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