Dollar Dance by Norman McLaren, with music by Louis Applebaum


"This wartime publicity trailer by Norman McLaren focuses on wartime inflation and the role of price control. Single-frame animation is used with pen drawings made directly on 35mm film stock. Music is by Louis Applebaum, a leading composer and advocate for the arts in Canada. "

Credits:National Film Board, Norman McLaren
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I'm your money, I'm your friend,

Yours to save or yours to spend.

You can turn me into anything you like,

A loaf of bread or a brand new bike,

A stylish hat, a roast of meat,

I thrilling book or a comfy seat,

A yard of cloth, a pound of cheese,

A ticket to a movie, or anything you please.

I'm your servant, I'm your friend,

Yours to save yours to spend.

I work okay in times of peace, but when it comes to war,

I may or may not be a friend. It's a case of "either, or."

Either I remain your friend, or else I turn your foe,

And you'll soon know the difference which way I go.

Either I am price controlled and made to serve the nation,

Or else I pick the primrose path to uncontrolled inflation.

And if you let me go this way, I'd have the wildest time,

I'd multiply like MAD, but then I wouldn't be worth a dime.

My value would go down and down while lying in your purse,

And show no signs of picking up, but go from bad to worse.

The amount of stuff that I could buy would hit a brand new low,

Until a loaf of bread would cost two dollars, point "oh oh".

A dress might cost a thousand flat, a movie ticket, four.

Your weekly rent would swallow up your monthly cheque, or more.

For though your income rose as well, it wouldn't rise as fast,

The cost of goods would shoot ahead, your money couldn't last.

The savings you had banked for years would dwindle day by day.

Your pensions too would shrivel up and quietly blow away.

To stop the mischief I could make if I got running wild,

Price control was introduced to keep me tame and mild.

And you, the public too can help to keep me from inflation,

By planning to get on with less and sticking to your ration.

Remember: all moneys spent on things you do not need

Is purchase power gone to waste,

Is cities bombed by greed.

So pay your taxes with a smile,

Live simply as can be,

Buy savings stamps and bonds,

Invest in V!

I'm your money I'm your friend,

If you save, if you lend,

Save me now, save me often,

Put the axis in its coffin.

You can spend me later on,

I'll be good when Hitler's gone!

I'm your money, I'm your friend.

Thank-you folks, here's the end!

Created Date1943