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Inventing The Inventor took inspiration, perspiration

Inventing The Inventor took inspiration, perspiration

June 7, 2012
British Columbia

Creating the score for the new opera was a major creative challenge - and a considerable physical chore - for VSO's Bramwell Tovey

"Even a generation ago, a suggestion that new operas might become a regular part of our musical diet would have seemed absurd. Yet the grand finale of this Vancouver Symphony Orchestra season is a full opera-in-concert version of VSO music director Bramwell Tovey's 2011 The Inventor, Saturday and Monday at the Orpheum.

New opera of many varieties is in fact doing very well indeed in the Canadian West. There's a sort of grand symmetry to the fact that our maestro had his work premiered by Calgary Opera in the same season that Alberta-born (though University of B.C.-trained) composer John Estacio's Lillian Alling was produced by Vancouver Opera..."


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