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Canadian Band Association's Canadian Composition Competition.

Canadian Band Association's Canadian Composition Competition.

May 28, 2012

The CBA’s inaugural Composition Competition was a huge success. Almost 30 works were submitted and the winning composition, Rocky Mountain Lullaby, by Christiaan Venter has already been performed and recorded numerous times across this country. Wanting to build on the momentum created, please find below information about the 2012 competition. Please note the earlier deadline and the removal of the age restriction.

The Competition

1) Memorial University will oversee the competition and facilitate the annual creation of a three-person independent jury that will include representation from three of the core institutions. Each institution will form part of the jury at least once.

2) The three-member jury will comprise of at least one band director and one composer.

3) Submissions will be accepted from Canadian citizens who self-identify as emerging composers.

4) The 2012 deadline to submit is 5:00 pm EST on December 1st.

5) The composer of the winning composition will receive a cash prize of $1,000.

6) Only one $1000 prize will be awarded each year.

7) All copyright, mechanical rights, and royalty rights remain with the composer.

8) Application information is available on the CBA website (www.canadianband.ca).

9) The winner will be announced by email; notification will be sent to all applicants and the CBA membership, and results will be posted on the CBA website.

10) The decision of the jury will be final and their decision will be reported to the CBA (ie. The CBA is only facilitating the competition). Should the jury consider none of the submitted compositions to be meritorious, a “no prize” decision will be rendered, the funds will be moved to the following year and the three-year project will be extended one year.