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The Canadian Music Centre BC Region announces a Call for Proposals

The Canadian Music Centre BC Region announces a Call for Proposals

March 22, 2012
British Columbia

The Canadian Music Centre, BC Region announces a Call for Proposals to participate in a national festival celebrating the centennial of Canadian composer Barbara Pentland (1912-2000), composer, teacher, university professor and musical nationalist.

Barbara Pentland, a Vancouverite, was a dedicated supporter of the CMC and special friend of the CMC BC Regional office. Upon her death a bequest to CMC was made to support Canadian composers, her own music and the ongoing work of CMC. The Canadian Music Centre is proud to celebrate and recognize throughout 2012 this outstanding Canadian composer and her music contribution during this her 100th anniversary year.

Pentland's musical life spanned most of the 20th century and included piano performance, post-secondary education, and teaching in Europe, the United States, and her native Canada. From Winnipeg to Montreal, Darmstadt to Munich to Vancouver, Pentland acquired a musical voice of her own. Her public statements on music, culture, and politics were important and influential in the pivotal 1960s and 1970s.

The festival celebrates Canada's record of musical performance and creation, and
Pentland's contribution and legacy. Throughout 2012, the festival will facilitate performances, broadcasts, and new music.

In addition to potentially releasing recordings of Pentland's works on CMC'S own CENTREDISCS LABEL, the festival calls for proposals for events in these two categories:

A. Chamber/Instrumental/Choral Events
B. Education and Outreach

A single proposal may apply to both A and B, but this is not necessary. The festival will consider subsidies of up to $5,000 for a single proposal, expecting that applicants may seek supplementary or matching funds to increase the total amount available for a festival project. Non-financial participation by educational and cultural institutions would be considered a “matching” contribution.

A. Chamber/Instrumental/Choral Events
Canadian chamber groups, instrumentalists, choral groups, and vocal artists are invited to submit proposals to create and produce works combining music by Pentland with choral/vocal and/or chamber music of the period 1930 to the present day, mainly, but not exclusively, by Canadian composers.

A proposal may include new or existing commissioned works.

B. Education and Outreach
The Festival invites Canadian universities, music schools, composers and teachers to submit proposals for (i) lectures, (ii) exhibitions, (iii) multi-media and social media events, and (iv) public-school events.

Proposals must include a background description, project timeline and complete budget, as well as support materials that should include two example recordings of the applicant’s work for category A, or work in other media for those proposing in category B.

Deadline for proposals: March 31, 2012
Announcement of results: April 10, 2012

The subsidies made available to successful applications, through this call, are being awarded from the Barbara Pentland Fund, a generous bequest made to the Canadian Music Centre BC Region by Barbara Pentland, in order to support the promotion of performing, recording, and publishing Pentland’s works and promotion of other Canadian contemporary music.

About Dr. Barbara Pentland

Born in Winnipeg, Dr. Barbara Pentland studied composition in Paris, at the Juilliard Graduate School in New York, and at the Berkshire Music Centre. She became an instructor at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto during the Second World War and would go on to receive honourary doctorates from Simon Fraser University and the University of Manitoba and be named a member of the Order of Canada. To learn more about Barbara Pentland and her music, please visit www.musiccentre.ca.

About the Canadian Music Centre
The Canadian Music Centre holds Canada's largest collection of Canadian concert music. The CMC exists to promote the works of its Associate Composers in Canada and around the world. The Centre makes available on loan over 22,000 scores and works of Canadian contemporary composers through its lending library. The CMC sells more than 1300 CD titles featuring music of its Associate Composers and other Canadian independent recording producers. The Centre also offers an on-demand publishing service, music repertoire consultations, and is easily accessible through five regional centres across Canada, as well as through its website at www.musiccentre.ca.


For more detail and to submit proposals, please contact:

Bob Baker
BC Regional Director
Canadian Music Centre
837 Davie Street, Vancouver BC V6Z 1B7

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