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Women of Note

Women of Note

March 22, 2012

‘This much-welcomed book profiles those women, largely unacknowledged, who stand as the major landmarks in the Australian musical landscape.’

John Davis, CEO Australian Music Centre,
President International Society for Contemporary Music

About the Book

In the early twentieth century being a female composer was a dangerous game; one composer was diagnosed as mentally insane by her psychiatrist husband, several achieved success only after their divorces and often the only way to get their music published was to lie about their gender. Still, the allure of writing music enticed women from all walks of life, and from the convent and the nappy-change table women began to compose.

Music journalist Rosalind Appleby takes a fresh look at Australia’s history and makes some startling discoveries about the contribution of women to Australian classical music. Women
of Note puts together the missing pieces of history with well-researched snapshots of twenty women composers spanning the twentieth century to present day.

About the Author

Rosalind Appleby graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Music Performance (clarinet) and has spent the past twelve years working as a music journalist. She
writes regular music reviews and feature articles covering a wide range of jazz, world and classical music.

Key Points

• The book launch will be launched at the 2012 Perth International Arts Festival with a possible Eastern States launch planned for International Women’s Day in March 2012.

• Appleby has contributed to national and international publications including London’s Financial Times, Limelight magazine, the Australian, Scoop magazine, Music Forum Journal,
Resonate magazine and The Opera Critic. She is a music critic for the West Australian newspaper and is the Western Australian correspondent for the prestigious Opera magazine (London). Appleby featured in the ABC documentary Double Happiness: The Marriage of Commerce and Culture.

• Appleby has worked as a music critic in Europe and China, and has reviewed most festivals and orchestras around the country from
the 2006 State Opera of South Australia’s production of Wagner’s Ring cycle to the experimental Now Now festival in Sydney.

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