Maya Badian: Orchestral Works

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Guitar Concerto (1,630.71 kb)
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Violin Concerto (1,630.71 kb)
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SKU: CD-LBCD 1003-98
Call Number: CD 515
Organization: Cluj State Philharmonic Orchestra
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: Lucian Badian Editions

The orchestral works presented here reveal strongly Badian inventiveness, mastery and versatility as a composer and brilliant orchestrator.

In his article entitled Holocaust Symphony an Important Statement, Richard Todd has written: "Maya Badian's Symphony Holocaust In Memoriam has just been released in its first recording. It is a sober, introspective and powerful work, accessible to nearly every listener. Once it becomes well known, it will be reckoned as one of music's most important statements on the Holocaust. The symphony, inspired by Elie Wiesel's novel The Fifth Son, is in two connected sections. The first is based mainly on a single plaintive theme, repeated, examined, and subjected to a variety of orchestra manipulations. It's as though the symphony is looking for some kind of consolation in the simple tune. But consolation is denied. The second section, while imbued with a sense of courage and even dignity, is also an expression of a mounting tragedy and rage. Despite the somber palette Badian uses, she shows herself to be a masterful orchestrator, exploiting the subtle differences between instruments and weaving a most affecting tapestry of timbre."

- The Ottawa Citizen, September 13, 1997.

1-3. Violin Concerto

4-5. Toccata and Passacaglia

6-8. Guitar Concerto

9. Towards the Pinnacle

10-11. Holocaust - In Memoriam, Symphony

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