Hommage À André Mathieu

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SKU: CD-AN 29275
Call Number: CD 948
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: Analekta

"The incarnation of pure genius for Quebec and Canada” is Alain Lefèvre's unequivocal assessment of André Mathieu. This composer and pianist, a child prodigy who was once dubbed "the Canada Mozart,” has been largely forgotten, but Lefèvre's ambition is to revive public interest in André Mathieu. "The first piece I ever heard by this composer was his Prélude romantique,” relates Lefèvre. "I was fifteen at the time, and was stunned by its beauty. André Mathieu has been my passion ever since. I think it's almost scandalous that he remains unknown.”


1. Concerto de Québec

2. Printemps canadien

3. Été canadien

4. Prélude No.5

5. Berceuse

6. Laurentienne No.2

7. Bagatelle No.1

8. Les Mouettes

9. Tristesse

10. Bagatelle No.4

11. Dans la nuit

12. Abeilles piquantes


13. Fantasie «Hommage à Matieu» en sol mineur


14. Valse de l'Asile

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