Interview with The Star on how to work a church organ

Description:In this video Andrew Ager, music director at St. James Cathedral in Toronto, explains how to work the console of the cathedral organ.
Credits:Andrew Ager
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TranscriptionHello, my name is Andrew Ager I'm the music director at St James Cathedral and that's where we are right now. I'm at the console of the organ and I've been asked "how does this thing work?" It looks complicated but it's a very simple principle. When the organ is turned on, vast pumps in the basement draw air in. That air is sent up to reservoirs which are located under the pipes which one can see at various locations in the Cathedral. When I pull one of these knobs which are called stops and press a note, in very simple terms it allows air to slide into that pipe. The pipe vibrates and the air vibrations are what gives it the sound. Beyond that, you might ask "why are there so many of these knobs?" Well the reason is that the organ functions much like a large orchestra and each of these knobs corresponds to a different and specific sound. When all of these sounds are combined together one gets the characteristic sound of full organ.
Created Date26 Jul 2008