Interview with Linda Catlin Smith

Description:In this video Linda discusses her work Ballad.
Credits:Linda Catlin Smith
Subject:Linda Catlin Smith | Ballad
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TranscriptionI've just received my new cd, it's put out by World Additions which is in Cologne. It's a CD called Ballad, one 45 minute piece that I wrote for cello and piano. I wrote it specifically for these musicians Andrew Smith he plays cello and Eve Egoyan, piano. I had feeling these two people would play really well together and I wrote this piece for them and they did play really well together and now it's being released on CD. The reason I made this piece was to have a chance where, because i write slow music, to have a chance where it's just my piece at a concert, just one piece, a whole concert, one world and that is this piece Ballad.
Created Date2011
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