John Weinzweig at Seventy

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Description:This unique booklet designed by William Rueter, and published by the University of Toronto Press, presents a rich tribute to John Weinzweig on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. The booklet includes the programme for the New Music Concerts concert featuring the music of Stravinsky, Allik, and Weinzweig at Toronto's Roy Thomson Hall on March 6, 1983. John Beckwith's detailed and insightful account of Weinzweig's compositional career includes sketches and images that supplement his discussion of specific works, as well as an analysis of the development of Weinzweig's compositional style across the decades.
Credits:William Rueter, University of Toronto Press, Walter Curtin, John Beckwith, New Music Concerts, Harold Town, Elaine Keillor
Subject:John Weinzweig | Divertimento No.6
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Created Date06 Mar 1983
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