Juan Trigos and the Eastman BroadBand

Description:Juan Trigos talks about his experiences working and traveling with the Eastman BroadBand at the Conservatorio Nacional in Mexico City in November 2010.
Credits:©2010 Reed Nisson, Juan Trigos
Subject:Juan Trigos
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Well I think in a way, yes, of course, but not necessarily because you became Mexican, necessarily. But experiences are important in our lives. Maybe, you know, it’s a kind of shock. Some people were, like you know, who cares, you know, or I don’t care, or nothing. Maybe you come here and other places and the trip give you some animal energy. Depends on the people, no? But I think the trips are not just to perform better, well, yes, but I mean the experience to do something really nice. So came here with our culture, mix it with your culture, no, and play together and try to do something together, that’s the important thing. Of course we here in my country and your country, it’s very very nice to …. It is difficult to understand the different countries in one spot, one trip. But it’s a beginning, no?

Created Date12 Feb 2011