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The A Window on Somers recording project has, for twelve years, worked to immortalize the music of one of Canada’s most eminent composers and bring it to a wider public. Now, with the DVD release of the opera Louis Riel and the CD release of Harry Somers’ major orchestral works, Live from Toronto the collection comes to an exceptional close.

To celebrate Centrediscs’ 30th anniversary, enjoy a 30% discount on the complete collection of A Window on Somers. For $150, you will receive the 12-disc collection, including the DVD of Louis Riel. Click here to buy this incredible collection!

You can also purchase each CD, and the DVD of Louis Riel individually. They feature stunning performances by the likes of Ben Heppner, Jean Stilwell, Monica Whicher, Andrew Dawes, the Accordes String Quartet, the Elmer Iseler Singers and the latest release, the original performance on DVD of Louis Riel from Franz Kraemer’s adaptation for CBC-TV in 1969.

Canadian composer Harry Somers, one of the foremost artists in the history of our country, passed away in March, 1999. He left the world with an inestimable legacy of some of the most original and dramatically powerful scores of the 20th century. His opera, Louis Riel, is a cultural landmark that is unsurpassed today over thirty years after its performance.

The Canadian Music Centre (CMC) extends great thanks to Robert Cram of Pierrot Concerts, and Barbara Chilcott Somers, Executive Producers of A Window on Somers. The CMC is extremely honoured to be the recipient of this remarkable catalogue of Harry Somers’ music. As CMC Executive Director Elisabeth Bihl iterated at the launch of the Louis Riel DVD and Harry Somers Live from Toronto CD, the A Window on Somers catalogue is indeed a “true Canadian gift, with a lasting impact.”

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