Singing Somers Theatre

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Zen, Yeats and Emily Dickinson (2,358.29 kb)
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Twelve Miniatures (1,627.14 kb)
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Call Number: CD 635
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2001
Record Label: Centrediscs / Centredisques

Singing Somers Theatre is the first in a special series of Centrediscs CDs entitled A Window on Somers celebrating and devoted to the music of one of Canada's foremost composers. This recording features some of his finest threatrical vocal works exhibiting humour, drama and pathos - qualities that informed Somers' work throughout his distinguished career - and includes the work Kuyas taken from Somers' monumental opera Louis Riel

1. Kuyas

2-4. Birminal Trilogy

5-16. Twelve Miniatures

17. Zen, Yeats and Emily Dickinson


Monica Whicher (soprano), Krisztina Szabo (mezzo-soprano), Michael Colvin (tenor / ténor), Barbara Chilcott & David Dunbar (narrators / narrateurs), Kimberley Briggs, Sung Chung, Charles Fowler & Tanya Turner (speaking chorus / choeur parlé), Robert Cram (fute / flûte), Andrew Tunis & John Hess (piano), Julian Armour (cello / violoncelle), Russell Harenberger & Ryan Scott (percussion), David Currie (conductor / chef d'orchestre).

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