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Mercure (1,627.14 kb)
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Wolf Chant (1,629.29 kb)
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SKU: CD-AM 130
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2005
Record Label: Ambiances Magnétiques

Richly textured multiphonic vocal virtuosity, laced with rasps, rumbles, honks, howls, and wheezes, featured in freely improvised and formally structured solos, with flights of verbal invention added into the mix—Oralizations offers works spanning Paul Dutton’s more than thirty years of bursting the bonds of convention, testing the extremes of voice and verbalization, and blurring the borders between literature and music.

1. Mercure

2. Else

3. Two Out of Three

4. Kit Talk

5. "For the Letter That Begins Them All,H"(for BP)

6. Sonarality

7. Wolf Chant

8-9. Score for Tony

10. Time

11. Stereo Head

12. Sugar

13. Smile (for Ellen McIlwaine)

14. T'Her (for Monk 'n' Mabern)

15. In Voluntary

16. His Eyes, Her Eyes

17. Not to But for

18-19. Metalogos: A Suite in Two Parts

20. Reminiscence

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