Hope That Lines Don't Cross

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Palindrone.1 (1,632.98 kb)
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Resists Change Nicely (1,632.98 kb)
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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2005
Record Label: intr_version

Montreal, Quebec is quickly establishing itself as one of the major centers for electronica, specifically in the area of minimalism. There are many local artists with records poised to come out on European labels and Mitchell Akiyama is one of the most promising of the among them.

Akiyama on his debut focuses on a mixture of well-crafted IDM and minimal movements, equipped with clicks, pops and scratches. Hope That Lines Don’t Cross fits in very well with Tomas Jirku’s Immaterial [SUBSF02] as both artists create beats with a heavy dub influence and play with field recordings. Mitchell Akiyama fuses these with recordings of such things as broken conversations, drones and church bells.

Having come from a jazz background, Akiyama has an excellent sense of rhythm and melody and a fantastic knack for creating memorable music.

1. palindrone.1

2. resists change nicely

3. concentrate on one leg

4. underside of an intersection

5. error than trial

6. named after the chorus

7. palindrone.2

8. thepathofleastresistanceispaved

9. interpretation.deflection.master.

10. the height of the matter

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