Foret Profonde

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Call Number: CD 326
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1996
Record Label: empreintes DIGITALes

Forêt profonde (Deep Forest) is an acousmatic melodrama, based on Bruno Bettelheim's essay "The Uses of Enchantment". Forêt profonde also derives its inspiration from a psychoanalytic reflection. An adult reading of children tales that moves between the memory of my naïve wonder and the discovery of its secret mechanisms.

It is a listening on three levels - novelistic, symbolic, musical - more disconcerting no doubt, but more active than an unidimensional listening.

Most of the materials and the treatments were obtained through SYTER (real-time sound synthesis system) at the INA-GRM, and the piece was produced at the composer's private studio in Montreal.

Foret Profonde

1. Chambre d'enfants

2. A lorée du conte

3. Chambre interdite

4. Il cammin di nostra vita

5. Les enchantements de l'imagination

6. Antichambre

7. La muraille d'épines

8. Chambre de ténèbres

9. Foret furieuse

10. Musique de chambre

11. Sortilèges

12. Chambre de lumière

13. Fantasme, mode d'emploi

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