Sous Le Regard D'un Soleil Noir

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Call Number: CD 325
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1996
Record Label: empreintes DIGITALes

Sous le regard d'un soleil noir is the history of a shipwreck: the hallucinated derivation across an obsessional landscape where the note B natural is the obsessed character, the tonic axis that binds together the eight sections. A veritable ostinato, 'Invention on one note': the memory of Wozzeck stands out, the symbol of a man who, according to Jacques Drillon, "drowns himself in the lake because he has arrived at the point of social and interior inexistence from which there is no possible return."

The eight sections of the work were inspired by reading the work of the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Ronald D Laing. The texts are borrowed from the French translations of the three books The Politics of Experience, Knots, and - especially - The Divided Self.

Sous le regard d'un soleil noir

1. Pareil a un voyager perdu

2. Engloutissement

3. Arete! Arete! Elle me tue

4. Implosion

5. Le moi divisé

6. Citadelle intérieure

7. Pétrification

8. Le message quand vient le soir

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