Hole in the Head

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Headholes 1 (1,625.57 kb)
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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: OHM/Avatar

Skull partitas, glottal toccatas, ear arias, bone blues, heart sonatas,nerve operas, blood symphonies - the audio inventions of Christof Migone evoke the disrupted and degenerate inner voice that so disquietingly haunts our thought and our speech. These works are impish and lyrical, nightmarish and enlightening, abrasive annd soothing. They occur at that threshold where language disintegrates and electronic peaks outs: where codes are transgressed and nonsense elaborated...

1-6. Headholes

7-27. Hole in the Head

28-31. Open Your Mouth and Let The Air Out

32-41. Le Temps Compass

42-50. The Transpiring Transistors

51-56. Muscle Solaire

57. Headinside

58. Mic Liberation

59. (Reprise) Erase Head

60. Sign Language

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