Everlasting Light / Footprints in New Snow

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De Angelis I (1,634.29 kb)
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Fertility Rites (1,634.14 kb)
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SKU: CD-MVCD 1156-2
Call Number: CD 760
Organization: Amadeus Chamber Singers
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2002
Record Label: CBC Records

This new recording on CBC Records offers two perspectives, and two discs, featuring the music of Christos Hatzis. The first disc offers more traditional fare with two of the composer's choral masterpieces, while the second, offering music inspired by trips to Canada's north, offers a fascinating soundscape of music and voices that will hit an emotional chord unlike you've heard before.

CD 1: everlasting light

1-4. De Angelis

5-9. Everlasting Light

CD 2: footprints in new snow

1-3. Fertility Rites

4. Hunters dream

5-10. footprints in the snow:

11-14. String Quartet No.1 (The Awakening)

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