15 Pieces for Harp

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Call Number: CD 101
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1988
Record Label: CBC Records

The 15 Pieces for Harp were written for Judy Loman, as was Weinzweig's other work involving solo harp, the Harp Concerto of 1967. The descriptive titles of the individual pieces give an indication of the diverse styles Weinzweig uses and the many different moods he has portrayed in the set. The lean, pared down textures which have long been a feature of Weinzweig's music are much in evidence in these harp pieces. The many different colours and moods called forth from the harp are both challenging and rewarding for player and audience alike.

15 Pieces for Harp

1. Shadows

2. Quick March

3. Reverie

4. Quarks

5. Just Dreamin'

6. Fine Time

7. Bluenote

8. Around and Around

9. Arioso

10. Why Not?

11. Do Your Remember?

12. Echoes

13. All These Woes

14. Conversations

15. Satellite Serenade

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