La Belle Et La BÊte

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Call Number: CD 1237
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2008
Record Label: NOW Orchestra Records

Viviane Houle is a vocalist, improviser and songwriter known for creating a huge array of sounds. Whether beautiful or bizarre, unearthly, playful or just completely unexpected, her wide-ranging tonal palette touches listeners wherever she is heard.

In the opera house and concert hall she has performed with Vancouver Opera, Standing Wave Ensemble and pianist Leslie Uyeda. In the jazz world, she regularly performs with the lions of today’s improv scene, including such musicians as Wayne Horvitz, Ron Samworth, Peggy Lee, François Houle, Coat Cooke and Jesse Zubot. As a creator, she has released a CD of her original songs and improvisations with Existential Angst Party and collaborates with violist and laptop artist Stefan Smulovitz.

Always eager to explore new creative landscapes, Viviane offers a musical world full of surprises.

1. Tout Le Brise

2. Pton

3. I Stumble

4. Creek Life

5. Claire

6. Beauté obscène

7. Paix

8. My Heart

9. La belle

10. La bête

11. The Whirling Mind

12. Crackle

13. Beautiful Gesture

14. Inch

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