Orchestral Works of Cheryl Cooney

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SKU: CD-K 145072
Call Number: CD 996
Organization: Kiev Symphony Orchestra
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2005
Record Label: Independent

Chansons (Fairies with Green Hair and other Tales)

Commissioned by the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra with the assistance from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, this song cycle for mezzo-soprano and orchestra is set to poetry which evokes images derived from water.

1. "Sous le pont Mirabeau" (text by Guillaume Apollinaire) is contemplation on the ebb and flow of water and of life.

2. "Nuit Rhénane" (text by Guillaume Apollinaire) recounts the ancient legend of sirens associated with the river Rhine

3. "O gouffre!" (text by Victor Hugo) is a philosophical meditation on the depths of eternity.

This double concerto for flute, violoncello and orchestra was inspired by the majesty of the Canadian Rockies.
"Designs I" depicts the visual contrasts of mountain landscape.
"Scheming" hints at the ominous attraction to backcountry wilderness.
"Mosaic" reveals the multifaceted nature of such visual diversity.

Spielzeug für Orchester
This witty one movement piece is a whimsical and unrelenting ‘plaything’ for orchestra

Le Sanglier des Ardennes
The title of this symphonic overture refers to the dark forests of northern Belgium and their reigning symbol of strength and beauty.

1-3. Chansons (Fairies with Green Hair and other Tales)

4-6. Designs

7. Spielzeug

8. Le sanglier des ardennes

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