Alone on the Beach - Further down the Beach

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SKU: CD-TD04-02
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2004
Record Label: Independent

"The Beach series of works, inspired by a visit to Topsail Island, North Carolina in 2004, begins with three works that establish the environment. One: being alone against the horizon. Two: Imminent weather change. Three: absorption in flotsam and jetsam associated with the beach. The second section of works are concerned with distance and time, and the suspension of comprehension of both, while on the beach. The second section is broken up by titles into measures of distance traveled from the initial spot on the beach, by quarter mile increments. The last piece is in fact the first piece in reverse, as if remembering that one must return to the initial point once more. Thus, walking, alone on the beach is a metaphor regarding all that must be undertaken, and for remembering that every new direction has a point of departure."
- Phil Ogison

Alone on the beach

1. Alone on the beach

2. We may get wet

3. Things amongst pebbles

Further down the beach

4. A quarter mile

5. A half mile

6. One mile

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