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Drink This Wine (937.14 kb)
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Listen to the Story (937.14 kb)
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SKU: CD-GTM 1974
Call Number: AR 2914
Organization: Holiday Festival Singers
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1977
Record Label: Independent

CD 1

1. Listen to the Story

2. The Mists

3. Woe! Woe!

4. From Over the Sea

5. Our Journey is for Friendship

6. From Over the Sea

7. I Can See He's here for Glory

8. I Knew Him as a Boy

9. Here is my Hand

10. Beowulf You've Paid this Visit

11. Let the Victory Be Mine Alone

12. My Wish ... Granted

13. So You're...Great Beowulf

14. Unferth You've Heard of Me

15. Try

16. Cold & Lonely

17. Farewell Grendel

18. Death Is Not Easy to Hide From

19. Queen's Song

20. Drink this Wine

21. Darkness Falls...

22. How Was the Night

23. Earth Keep

24. Cry We All Die

CD 2

1. The Journey

2. Life is Fine

3. Trio: Beowulf, Hrothgar, Queen

4. Beowulf You Need Not Leave

5. I Must Break Your Grip

6. Unferth, Take Your Sword

7. The Better I Know You

8. So Beowulf Went Home

9. Say Goodbye to Tomorrow

10. So It Fell

11. Look Out

12. Beowulf Interlude

13. All the Lives...I've Loved

14. Beowulf - Your Hall is Gone

15. Fate Must Decide

16. Dragon Fight

17. Beowulf Was Far From We

18. Cry Try Cry

19. Let the Victory Be His Alone

20. Mists

21. I Sing the Song of Beginning

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