Outward Voyage

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SKU: CD-CBR 29452
Call Number: CD 1351
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2009
Record Label: Con Brio Recordings

Outward Voyage which is a compilation of Art Songs written for the performers by the Richmond, British Columbia composer Christopher Ludwig. It features a near complete setting of Ken Cathers’ book of poetry, "Outward Voyage" published by Oolichan Books in 1980. Set in five Parts the poems flow seamlessly in a continuous musical drama, a break from the Art Song tradition
of setting poems individually.

This recording is the result of a delicate thread linking poet, composer, singer and pianist through time, place, memory and desire, culminating in a lasting creative bond. There is a parallel with the poems and Cliff sums up the recording in this way: “Through the flux of life and the shifting sea, the Outward Voyage poems are also an inward voyage, coming to anchor in a present time and place – the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.”

1. Outward Voyage Parts 1 - 2

2. Outward Voyage Part 3

3. Outward Voyage Parts 4 - 5

4. Reflective (piano solo)

5. Night Walker

6. Girl in the Café

7. Broken Sky

8. Wedded

9. The Hand

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