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SKU: CD-ME 2003
Call Number: CD 751
Organization: Motion Ensemble
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2001
Record Label: Motion Ensemble

Motion Ensemble releases its self produced CD Mnemosyne: Works by Veronika Krausas, a collection of music scored for unusual combinations of soprano, violin, contrabass, clarinet, horn and percussion.

Several works contain sung, spoken or whispered text by Giller Prize nominated author André Alexis, whose books are published worldwide in many languages.

The CD booklet is elegantly filled with photographs by Thaddeus Holownia from the multi media performance piece Mnemosyne; an evocative work about time, death and memory.

"Mnemosyne is, quite simply, a fantastic work of art"
~ Ray Cronin, Border Crossings magazine Issue 75, 2000

Motion Ensemble, based in New Brunswick, Canada, was founded in 1998 by Andrew R. Miller. The group has appeared at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, Sound Symposium in St. John's and throughout New Brunswick. They have been heard on CBC Radio and have recorded works by John Cage on the New York label Mode Records. Over 25 works have been written for Motion Ensemble.

1. From Easter

2. Inside the Stone

3-7. Five Intermezzi for Snare Drum

8. Stone

9. Under an Open Sky

10. Mnemosyne

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