Hugh Le Caine

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Call Number: CD 626
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1999
Record Label: J&W Record Label

An extraordinary CD, carefully compiled by Gayle Young from the contents of a cardboard box found in Le Caine's basement, featuring experiments, compositions and demonstrations on his extraordinary musical instruments, including the now renowned 'Sackbut', the world's first voltage controlled synthesizer.


1. Dripsody: An Etude for Variable Speed Recorder Mono Version
2. Ninety-Nine Generators
3. Invocation
4. Study No.1 for Player Piano and Tape
5. The Burning Deck (without words)
6. A Noisome Pestilence
7. Textures
8. Nocturne
9. Bird Spectogram
10. Music for Expo
11. Safari: Eine Kleine Klangferbenmelodie
12. Mobile: The Computer Laughed (perpetual motion)
13. Paulution (Charnel Number Five) HUMOROUS SKETCHES
14. This Thing Called Key
15. Arcane Presents Lulu
16. The Burning Deck (original version, with words)
17. Sounds to Forget (excerpt) DEMONSTRATIONS The Sackbut Synthesizer
18. Bill Farrow Plays the Sackbut
19. Mal Clarck Plays the Sackbut 1948 Sackbut Demonstration Tapes (1953)
20. Rhapsody in Blue
21. Sugar Blues
22. Sackbut String Quartet
23. The Sackbut Blues
24. Coded Music Apparatus: Patterns on the Pitch
25. Graph (automated Sackbut)
26. Improved Timbre Controls
27. Artificial Larynx, driven by Sackbut The Touch Sensitive Organ
28. Xmas Music: Organ Control for Automatic Light Display Touch Sensitive Organ Demonstration Tapes (1955)
29. Volume Changes
30. Accents
31. Independent Voicing
32. Repeated Notes
33. Attacks
34. Attack and Volume
35. Mouth Cavity Oscillator with MKI Touch
36. Sensitive Organ
37. Artificial Larynx
38. Organ Experiment with Pitch Control The Multi Track
39. Dripsody Demonstration
40. Dripsody: An Etude for Variable Speed
41. Recorder. Stereo Version

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