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Concertino, Opus10a (1,386.73 kb)
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Timescapes, Opus29 (1,391.63 kb)
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SKU: CD-MC 23667-20407
Call Number: CD 754
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2002
Record Label: Veritas

"As a concert violinist and promoter of works by contemporary composers, I was thrilled at the beauty of Ray Twomey's music. It was a real pleasure for me to discover the great emotional power of the works of this extraordinary Canadian musician, as well as his wonderful and picturesque gift of melody and profound expression. Ray Twomey's precise sense of space and time makes his music perfectly settled in the Universe and, at the same time, this music expresses a world of oneness. The music is very humane and warm."

~ Chrysanthema Pasunkova

1-3. Timescapes, Opus 29

4-8. Concertino, Opus 10a

9-12. Sinfonia, Opus 11a

13-14. Diversion, Opus 1b

15-17. Love songs on words by Jonne Donne, Opus 6a

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