In a Room

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Gerrard Street (1,632.86 kb)
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In a Room (1,632.86 kb)
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Call Number: CD 624
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1995
Record Label: Caribou Records

What the critics say:

"One of the rare non-African musicians who has taken an African instrument and made it his own, by learning the traditional songs, then admitting who he is and moving on." - Cliff Furnald, Rootsworld

"...attention to detail and beauty of delivery...this is a highly recommended recording." - Canadian Folk Music Bulletin

"The players are excellent and Janke's compositions are engaging. What's most attractive about in a room is its mood: it's joyful." - EYE Magazine

1. Gerrard Street

2. Hoedown Zone

3. Liminalism

4. Dance

5. Maury's Blues

6. Chorale I

7. Anthem and March

8. In a Room

9. Walk the Main Road

10. Spanish Boots

11. Zona Hoedown

12. Chorale II (for Liam)

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