Opening & Closing Ceremonies

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The Geese (1,397.88 kb)
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Welcome the Champions (1,397.88 kb)
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Organization: Combo Latino
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: Lily Pad Productions

1. The Geese

2. Welcome The Champions (March No.1)

3. The Glory Of The Games (March No.3)

4. North & South On Parade (March No.4)

5. The Mosquito March (March No.5)

6. Canada's Here!

Heart of the Continent - The Seasons

7. Autumn Splendour

8. Winter Dreams

9. Spring Rhapsody

10. Summer Fire

11. The Star Blankets

12. The Canadian Flag Enters

13. O Canada! (arr. Godfrey Ridout)

Go For Gold

14. I'm Gonna Be A Champion Too

15. King Of Confusion

16. Can't Give In

17. Reach Out For The Gold

18. The Oath

19. City Of The Plains

20. Entry Of The Torch

21. Fanfare For The Flame

22. Finale (opening ceremonies)

23. La Raccoca

24. Salsa Heat

25. Children Of The World

26. Ode To The Athletes

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