Pacific Rim

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Arras (1,405.10 kb)
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East Wind (1,405.10 kb)
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SKU: CD-CSR 9101
Call Number: CD 79
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1991
Record Label: Cambridge Street Records

Looking westward from the westernmost part of North America one re-discovers the East. Using the most sophisticated computer technology I have available to explore sound, I re-discover the primordial sounds of the human voice and the natural soundscape. It is these paradoxes that have inspired me to bring together four pieces of music representing my work in the past decade.

The disc is framed by two works (East Wind and Pacific) that refer to the environment and cultures of the Pacific region, but all of the pieces are influenced by a growing awareness of the interplay between Eastern and Western ideas, just as the world increasingly looks to the Pacific Rim as the new centre of economic activity.

1. East Wind

2. Arras

3. The Wings of Nike

4-7. Pacific

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