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Juan Trigos: Biography

Juan Trigos
1965 -
Region: Ontario

Juan Trigos

Juan Trigos (b. Mexico 1965) is a composer, conductor and creator of the “Hemofiction Opera” genre. His operas take, as a starting point, the dramatic text. The text becomes clearly defined by musical and stage articulations and takes form through “pulsation”, understanding this as “tempus primus” and not as a rhythm. The “pulsation”, at the same time, transforms into the essential motor of the musical conception. Different procedures, such as manipulating original materials or those taken from other sources, emerge from this musical conception. Durations, pitches and form are rigorously organized and managed in an abstract way. The material is always susceptible to innovation, not only in a pure speculative sense, but also in the assimilation of musical experience itself.

Trigos’ music has been performed in several American and European countries, including Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, The United States, Croatia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Russia, Spain and Switzerland. As a conductor, he has specialized in music from the 20th century. Particularly in contemporary music, Trigos has given priority to premiere works and promotion of the most recent written works, in both live and recorded executions. He has worked with numerous choirs, ensembles and symphony orchestras in Mexico, USA and Europe.



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