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Alain Payette: Biography

Alain Payette
1953 -
Region: Québec

Alain Payette

Composer and pianist

Alain Payette has been active in the cultural field in Quebec for over 30 years. His catalog of compositions includes more than 70 works, many which have been performed abroad. Always greeted warmly by the public, his music has been called musical poetry of the most haunting kind and praised for its lyricism and beauty. Alain Lefèvre, Gilles Lefèvre, Gino Quilico, Anne- Marie Dubois, Minna Re Shin and Donald Pistolesi are among those who have performed and recorded his music. Claude Gingras, music critic for La Presse, called the recording of his 12 Préludes for piano an “absolute success.”

Musica Camerata Montréal and the Trio Hochelaga have programmed his chamber music. Marc Bélanger, Marc David, Louis Lavigueur and Jacques Marchand have conducted his symphonies, two piano concertos and Douces Mémoires, a choral work.

Several of his works were heard at Les Promenades Musicales, an annual festival in Lalouvesc, France, in August 2015. The following year, three others were programmed for the festival’s 10th anniversary.

In April 2016, the Abitibi Témiscamingue Regional Symphony Orchestra premiered his second piano concerto, with Hugues Cloutier as soloist. The same month, Payette’s Faunafloratorio for choir, soloists and piano was premiered at the Saint-Joseph Seminary in Trois-Rivières by the Trois-Rivières Conservatory choir and L’Ensemble Vocalys, under the direction of Raymond Perrin.

Unique on the Quebec and Canadian scene, Alain Payette’s musical language falls outside current trends and reflects the composer’s unwavering conviction in a highly personal vision. His lyrically sensitive music speaks with an original voice that has the rare faculty of immediately touching an audience.

Alain Payette has been an accredited composer at the Canadian Music Center since 1995, and many of his works can be heard on YouTube.


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