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Daniel Pilon: Biography

Daniel Pilon
1957 -
Region: Québec

Daniel Pilon

Born in Montreal in 1957, Daniel Pilon became interested in music very early in his life. At the tender age of 12, he took saxophone lessons successively under François Dugal and Guy McDougall. Further on, at the Cegep level – in the class of René Masino – he became aware of the broad band of possibilities of the saxophone quartet.

Brought to the area of composition by Serge Dion and Michel Longtin, he focused his attention on chamber music. As a result, in the catalog of his works, there are fifteen saxophone quartets, numerous pieces for orchestra, a few for film or radio-theater and a large variety of compositions where wind instruments play a key role.

While devoting most of his life to composition, Daniel Pilon also keeps himself busy with his baritone saxophone participating in the activities of numerous jazz and variety ensembles.

As a copyist – one of the rare individual still using a pen – he has been heavily involved in the production of numerous recordings as well as many radio, television and film projects.

Daniel Pilon strongly believes that his music is to be labeled as "actual" rather than "contemporary" since the latter expression may be construed as ambiguous. A man of few words, Daniel Pilon has adopted for himself the famous sentence of the Belgian Louis Scutenaire (1905-1987) : "I have something to say, and it is very short…"


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