Jacobus Kloppers - Complete Catalogue Holdings

Title Record Typesort icon Composition Date Duration Call Number
Wondrous love
Sound recording, archival 2005 00:05:45 AR2261
Give thanks to God the father
Sound recording, archival 00:05:30 AR777
Festive anthem
Sound recording, archival 1992 00:09:44 AR2920
Postlude on 'Hail the festival day'
Sound recording, archival 00:03:30 AR2089
Devinum mysterium/Victimae paschali laudes
Sound recording, archival 1997 00:04:30 AR2051
Fear not, for I have redeemed you
Sound recording, archival 2010 00:04:00 AR2759
Canadian music for saxophone / musique Canadienne pour saxophone
Sound recording, commercial 2007 N/A CD 1147
Catalogue of recordings
Sound recording, commercial 1998 N/A CD 1352
Celtic impressions
Sound recording, commercial 2005 N/A CD 1000
Dancing ice: solo and duo Canadian organ music
Sound recording, commercial 1993 N/A CD 202
Canadian organ music = Musique canadienne pour orgue
Sound recording, commercial 2003 N/A CD 834
Sound recording, commercial 1993 N/A CD 359