Jacobus Kloppers - Complete Catalogue Holdings

Title Record Type Composition Date Duration Call Numbersort icon
Elegy on The king of love my shepherd is
Dominus regit
Print-music, Published by CMC 1995 00:03:00 MI 2410 K66ele
Eighteen festive and alternate hymn accompaniments
(for organ)
Print-music, Published by CMC 2006 Unknown MI 2410 K66ei
Dialectic fantasy
Dialektiese Fantasie
Print-music, Published by CMC 1992 00:09:50 MI 2410 K66dia
Chorale Prelude for Organ on Genevan Psalm 66
Print-music, Published by CMC 1970 00:02:10 MI 2410 K66cho 1970
Celtic impressions
for organ solo
Print-music, Published by CMC 2003 Unknown MI 2410 K66cel 2005
Prologue, variations and epilogue on an Afrikaans folk song
Print-music, Published by CMC 1998 00:24:00 MI 2110 K66ref
Concerto for organ, strings and timpani
Print-music, Published by CMC 1986 00:24:00 MI 1664 K66co
Concerto for Alto-Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra (Concerto in Quattro Umori)
Print-music, Published by CMC 2009 Unknown MI 1325 K66co 2009
Concerto for alto-saxophone and chamber orchestra
(concerto in quattro umori)
Print-music, Published by CMC 2005 Unknown MI 1325 K66co
Canadian organ music = Musique canadienne pour orgue
Sound recording, commercial 2003 N/A CD 834
Sound recording, commercial 1993 N/A CD 359
Dancing ice: solo and duo Canadian organ music
Sound recording, commercial 1993 N/A CD 202
Catalogue of recordings
Sound recording, commercial 1998 N/A CD 1352
Canadian music for saxophone / musique Canadienne pour saxophone
Sound recording, commercial 2007 N/A CD 1147
Celtic impressions
Sound recording, commercial 2005 N/A CD 1000
Festive anthem on "All creatures of our god and king"
Sound recording, archival 1992 00:10:00 AR791
Give thanks to God the father
Sound recording, archival 00:05:30 AR777
Partita on psalm 116 for organ
Sound recording, archival 1981 00:08:00 AR777
Praise to the lord, the almighty (Partita for organ)
Sound recording, archival 1988 00:09:30 AR777
Toccata on genevan psalm 84 for organ
Sound recording, archival 1977 00:03:00 AR777
Chorale and festive prelude on "Praise to the lord" (Lobe den herren)
Sound recording, archival 00:02:00 AR771
A mighty fortress is our god
Sound recording, archival 00:02:30 AR771
Hymn for eventide (der tag hat sich geneiget)
Sound recording, archival 00:03:00 AR771
Three plainsong settings
Sound recording, archival 1985 00:10:30 AR769
Introduction and toccata on 'All creatures of our god and king'
Sound recording, archival 1989 00:03:00 AR763
Pastorale on the 23rd Psalm
for organ solo
Sound recording, archival 2018 00:02:44 AR3381
Processional fanfare
for organ solo
Sound recording, archival 2018 00:01:45 AR3381
Hymn Concertato
Christ the Lord ascends to reign
Sound recording, archival 1988 00:05:20 AR3378
Dialektiese fantasie
for organ
Sound recording, archival 2014 00:11:25 AR3315
Te Deum
for mixed chorus, timpani and organ.
Sound recording, archival 2013 00:16:50 AR3092