Howard Cable - Complete Catalogue Holdings

Title Record Type Composition Date Duration Call Number
The banks of Newfoundland
Print-music, published 2009 00:08:30 MI 1800 C115ba
Bells and brass
Sound recording, commercial 1978 N/A R275
Canadian boat song
Print-music, published 1957 Unknown MV 6000 C115ca
Canadian impressions
Sound recording, commercial 1994 N/A CD 231
Un canadien errant
Print-music, published 1979 Unknown MV 6101 C115ca
Sound recording, commercial 1990 N/A CD 1310
Choral concert
Célébration chorale
Sound recording, commercial 2000 N/A CD 1337
Clarinet on Wychwood
Sound recording, archival 2013 00:03:08 AR3136
Commencement march
Print-music, published 1959 Unknown MI 1800 C115co
Concert in the park = Concert en plein air
Sound recording, commercial 1988 N/A CD 21
Connections in brass
Sound recording, commercial 2005 N/A CD 986
Dancing Day
Sound recording, commercial 1990 N/A CD 66
Dans tous les cantons
Print-music, published 1979 Unknown MV 6220 C115da
Dans tous les cantons (arr.)
Sound recording, archival 00:03:00 AR1012
Deux chansons de noël
Print-music, published 1994 00:04:00 MV 6101 C115de
God rest you merry, gentlemen
Print-music, Published by CMC 1986 Unknown MV 6220 C115god
Here comes the band
Print-music, published 1956 Unknown MI 1800 C115he
Sound recording, commercial 1967 N/A R79
Hillstrath Overture
Print-music, Published by CMC 2001 Unknown MI 1800 C115hi
Howard's hoedown
Sound recording, archival 2015 00:07:26 AR3231
Make we joy!
Sound recording, commercial 1994 N/A CD 244
Print-music, published 1966 00:08:00 MI 1800 C115ma
McIntyre ranch country
arrangement for wind ensemble
Sound recording, archival 2015 00:08:00 AR3185
McIntyre Ranch Ccountry
songs of the west; arrangements by Howard Cable
Sound recording, commercial 2003 N/A CD 1602
La musique de Serge Garant
Sound recording, commercial 1992 N/A CD 128
Newfoundland Rhapsody
Print-music, published 1956 00:08:00 MI 1800 C115ne
Noël Canadienne
Sound recording, archival 1979 00:11:00 AR541
North winds II
wind band works for younger musicians by Canadian composers and arrangers
Sound recording, archival 2012 00:77:00 CD 1332
Northern Delights
Sound recording, commercial 1996 N/A CD 813
On the Grand Banks
traditional songs from Canada's Atlantic Coast
Print-music, published 1957 Unknown MV 6000 C115on