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Alcides Lanza: Media

Typesort icon Title Credits
Text - non-musical (text) alcides lanza and contemporary music at McGill University 1982-1989 alcides lanza
Text - non-musical (text) A History of the McGill Electronic Music Studio Kevin Austin, alcides lanza
Text - non-musical (text) Online Interview, Trilogy et al First published online in Arts Electric. Courtesy Electronic Music Foundation.
Text - non-musical (text) Essay, music for voice (personal recollections) lanza, alcides; Sheppard, Meg (editor). eContact! 1.3, March 19th, 1998.
Document (pdf) A history of GEMS compiled for the CMC alcides lanza
Document (pdf) alcides lanza's aXents lecture alcides lanza
Document (pdf) ...more on the Twanger and the Springer... alcides lanza
Document (pdf) CD Covers for SHELAN Albums SHELAN
Document (pdf) Lanza's memories of Di Tella Institute alcides lanza
Document (pdf) "GEMS, 20th anniversary Informal notes…remembrances of things past…?" alcides lanza
Document (pdf) "Mélorythmharmundi…, early maximalism…" alcides lanza, ed. Meg Sheppard
Document (pdf) "...for an actress-singer... imaginary texts and graphic scores..." alcides lanza
Document (pdf) À la recherche des racines: la vie et la carrière d’alcides lanza en Argentine Pamela Jones, Circuit: Musiques contemporaines 10/2, 1999, pp. 9-16.
Image Photograph taken at a performance of lanza's Piano Concerto alcides lanza
Image Fellowship given by the National Council for the Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina National Council for the Arts, Buenos Aires
Image Photograph of alcides lanza in the McGill Electronic Music Studio, 1972 alcides lanza
Image Promotional flier for premiere of ekphonesis VI alcides lanza
Image Photograph of alcides lanza accepting the OEA Diploma McGill University
Image Flier for Sheppard / lanza Albums SHELAN
Image Poster for Concert of Live Electronics at McGill University Composers / Performers group

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