Songs I to english texts - Chansons I sur des textes anglais
The Canadian Musical Heritage / Le patrimoine canadien, volume 3

Composition Date: 1985


Instrumentation Set Number 1:
  • 1 x Piano
  • 1 x Unspecified voice


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  • M 2.3 C3 C33 v. 3
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  • May 20, 2011
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  • Print-music, published
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  • 1 book (235 p.); 31 cm.
    235 Pages
    Height: 31 cm
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  • Main language: English
    Main language: French
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  • Acknowledgements/Remerciements
    Editorial Aims and Method
    Biographical notes
    Critical notes
    Buts de l'édition et méthode critique
    Notes biographiques
    Notes critiques

    Pre-Confederation Songs / Chansons composees avant la Confederation
    Patriotic Songs / Chants Patriotiques:
    Anon.: A new song wrote on the taken of Louisbourg & Co.
    Thomas Smart: General Wolfe, A much admir'd old song
    Thomas Moore: A Canadian Boat Song
    J.F. Lehmann: The Merry Bells of England
    James Paton Clarke: The Emblem of Canada
    Henry Prince: Form! Riflemen Form!
    Henry Sefton: Hurrah for Canada
    H. Ford: (Canadian Volunteer Song) Up Volunteers!
    Popular Songs / Chansonettes:
    Henry Russell: The Canadian Sleigh Song
    Francis Woolcott: "Oh! No, we never talk in French"
    Art Songs / Melodies:
    Theodore F. Molt: Know'st thou the land
    Stephen Codman: The Fairy Song
    James Paton Clarke: "O Cauld to me"
    Summer and Winter
    James M. Cawdell: The Raven Plume
    J.W. Dunbar Moodie: Welcome, welcome little bark
    The Canadian Herd-Boy
    James Dodsley Humphreys: Oh! Time is sweet when roses meet
    Farewell! If ever fondest prayer
    Joseph Hagary: I love the sweet vale
    W.H. Warren: Love me not with fancy
    Lady of Toronto: Simple Thoughts
    H.E. Gilbert: Where shall our song be sung
    Samuel Warren: The Wings of Song

    Post-Confederation Songs / Chansons composees apres la Confederation
    Patriotic Songs / Chants patriotiques:
    Alexander Muir: The Maple Leaf For Ever!
    C.P. Woodlawn: Our Old Canadian Home
    Henry Sefton: LaCrosse, Our National Game
    E.H. Ridout: "This Canada of Ours"
    George DeVine: Fair Canada
    Oscar Telgmann: Our Premier
    Edwin Gledhill: For Canada Fight
    Theodore Martens: Upon the Heights at Queenston
    Henry Herbert Godfrey: When Johnny Canuck comes home
    Popular Songs / Chansonettes:
    Robert Steele Ambrose: One Sweetly Solemn Thought
    Charles Davies: The Prairie Settler's Song
    J. J. Roberts: No! A Temperance Song
    John Johnstone: The Humber Fairy!
    J. D. A. Tripp: The Salt Sea Foam
    Charles Palmer: Mamie and I
    "'Twas all through loving you, dear"
    Arthur Wellesley Hughes: My sweetheart's name is Laura
    "The New X Rays"
    Matthew Wedd: You and Canoe
    Henry Herbert Godfrey: On Wings of Steel
    J. C. Chandler: You can never be a girl of mine again
    Charles Andrew: The Ottawa Fire

    Edwin Gledhill: I am waiting for thee
    Oh! Nightingale
    H. E. Gilbert: Come to the vale of the beautiful Don
    Hattie Stephens: Ma Belle Canadienne
    Robert Watson: My Silent Grief
    Roberta Geddes: Our Own
    Arthur Clappe: "Love is light"
    Robert Steele Ambrose: Under the Snow
    George W. Strathy: The voice that wins its way
    Wesley Octavius Forsyth: Fruhlingsabend
    E. Rubini: "On the River"
    Clarence Lucas: Two Lyrics
    When comes the spring
    If you become a nun, dear
    Paul Ambrose: Rose-Bud
    Charles A. E. Harriss: A Brigand Bold
    Percival Illsley: The Grand Seigneur

    Additional People:
    Thomas Moore
    Clarence Lucas
    Charles F. Davies
    Arthur Wellesley Hughes
    James P. Clarke
    Samuel Prowse Warren
    Edwin Gledhill
    Charles A.E. Harriss
    Oscar Telgmann
    Ed Rubini
    Charles Palmer
    Paul Ambrose
    Wesley Octavius Forsyth
    H. H. Godfrey
    George W. Strathy
    J.F. Lehmann
    Robert Ambrose
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