...a thorn expands to a rose

Composition Date: 2004
Duration: 00:10:00
Genre: Five to Eight Voices, A Capella


Instrumentation Set Number 1:
  • 1 x Soprano
  • 1 x Mezzo Soprano
  • 2 x Tenor
  • 1 x Baritone
  • 1 x Bass
Programme Note:
The title of the piece is taken from a quote by the Sufi mystic and poet Jalaluddin Rumi:
"Brother stand the pain; Escape the poison of your impulses. The sky will bow to your beauty, if you do. Learn to light the candle. Rise with the sun. Turn away from the cave of your sleeping. That way a thorn expands to a rose. A particular glows with the universal."
This notion of universal qualities contained in particular elements is contained in another image, that of a stone dropped into a pool of water, creating ripples which expand to an infinite circle. Is the reverse possible? Given an infinite circle, can we reconstruct the stone? Which of the two is the fulfillment of the other? In this piece I try to examine the snatches of perfection which appear in the most fleeting way, at the absolute periphery of our hearing and vision, in the gray area between perception and illusion.
Credits: Farangis Nurulla-Khoja
Creator: Farangis Nurulla-Khoja
Subject: ...a thorn expands to a rose
Date Created: 2006

Premiere Information:
Date: 19 février 2005 Salle: Nybrokajen II (Stockholm) Interprètes: Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart


  • Call Number:
  • MV 5000 N974thor
  • Genre:
  • Five to Eight Voices, A Capella
  • Date of Acquisition:
  • February 4, 2009
  • Type:
  • Print-music, Published by CMC
  • Physical Description:
  • 1 score (iii, 24 p) ; 32 cm
    27 Pages
    Height: 32 cm
    Width: 24 cm
  • Additional Information:
  • 6 voix: sop. colorature, mezzo sop., contreténor, ténor, baryton, basse
    Original CMC Montréal
    Contient des notes concernant l'interprétation et la disposition des chanteurs sur scènes.
    Contient une tablature des signes utilisés.
    Les chanteurs doivent aussi utiliser des percussions
    Demandé par le Rikskonserter Sweden
    Dédié aux Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
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...a thorn expands to a rose For information about this piece, please contact atelier@centremusique.ca--
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