Release Date:1984

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Call Number:ML 205.1 C44 1984
Date of Acquisition:18 Jun, 2008
Physical Description:1 book (144 p.) ; 23 cm.
144 Pages
Height: 23 cm
Additional Information:Includes index. "Essays on aspects of Canadian music published in honour of the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Music Centre." What is the Canadian Music Centre? Quels sont les objectifs du centre de musique canadienne? Introduction / Godfrey Ridout, Talivaldis Kenins Preface / Godfrey Ridout, Talivaldis Kenins The Canadian Music Centre : a history / Karen Kieser Le centre de musique canadienne et son histoire / Karen Kieser The conservative tradition in Canadian music / Elaine Keillor Electroacoustic music in Canada : 1950-1984 / David Keane Les debuts du modernisme musical a Montreal / Marie-Therese Lefebvre The beginnings of modernism in Toronto / Carl Morey The Canadian League of Composers in the 1950s : the heroic years / Helmut Kallman Of music, money and better mousetraps : the performing rights agencies of Canada / Keith MacMillan Les jeunes compositeurs au Quebec / Mireille Gagne Canadian composers at Banff / Robert J. Rosen Une musique d'ici, avec des hommes et femmes venus d'ailleurs : l'apport des musiciens immigrants a la musique canadienne / Louise Bail Milot
Available For:Reference
Published By:Canadian Music Centre
Author:Godfrey Ridout
Additional People:David Keane, Talivaldis Kenins, Robert Joseph Rosen, Karen Kieser, Elaine Keillor, Keith Campbell MacMillan, Cambell Trowsdale, Louise Bail-Milot, Carl Morey, Helmut Kallmann, Marie-Thérèse Lefebvre, Mireille Gagné
Languages:Main language: English, Main language: French
Degree of Difficulty:Advanced
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